Jeanice D. Sainz, M.Ed.


​Helen Keller

Jeanice was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona.   Her first career was a paramedic in the field and although she loved emergency medicine, her desire was education.  She earned her Master's in Adult Education from the University of Arizona and taught for the College of Medicine and Pima Community College.  During her tenure she wrote the State of Arizona approved curriculum for the education & training of paramedics.

As time went by she discovered that as much as she loved the sciences she seemed to have a knack for business and sales.  Her entrepreneurial spirit initiated her career in the business consultative realm as she conducted  tailored seminars for Hilton Hotel, Bureau of Land Management, City of Tucson and Sundt Corporation.  

Jeanice has worked in Marketing, Sales and Account Management for Fortune 500 Companies since 1999.  During her tenure she has obtained new market share or share growth from 9% - 303% and was consistently recognized as a top performer.  Her experience ranges from small businesses to large integrated systems collaborating with CEO's and CFO's.  She has the ability to identify and support new business prospect through researching, refining and developing plans.  Implementation of the plans is what enables success.

Jeanice and her family moved to Colorado in 2005. Michael and Jeanice have been married since 1998 and live in Colorado with their two children.  

"Success is not the key to happiness.  Happiness is the key to success.  

​If you love what your are doing, you will be successful." ​       Hermain Cain 


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Principle Dynamic Solutions, LLC

Jeanice's success is knowing how to build a talented experienced professional team.  In other words, she practices what she teaches as a professional business consultant.  Her success is based on her client's satisfaction and success.  

Principle Dynamic Solutions collaborates with a host of professionals to achieve maximum results for the customers.  The team includes a Corporate Sales Manger with years of experience, Leadership and Systems Analysis Consultant, and a Therapist specializing in communication.  

For Jeanice, becoming a Professional Organizer  grew out of a passion and a gift.  She started with organizing her parents, spouse and children to her husbands business and ultimately out of referrals a new business was born.   You know it is truly a gift when the "pilers" in her life become "filers" and her parents acknowledge they had adopted her recommendations! 

Some people relax by running, yoga, pilates etc.... Jeanice finds herself most relaxed after spending a day organizing the house, office, papers, family -  well, frankly ANYTHING!