• The estimated annual dollars spent on looking for misplaced items in the office is $89,840,657,069 among full-time office professionals.

  • Estimated 38 working hours (or close to one work week) per person each year are lost as a result of looking for misplaced items in the office.

  • 46% of office workers have lost one of the following items in the past year (a file folder, mobile phone, calculator, flash or memory drive, a briefcase, suitcase, or luggage, lap top computer, or a PDA)

  • 87% of office workers say when their workspace is disorganized they feel they are less productive than when their workspace is organized

  • 86% agree that having a disorganized workspace is unprofessional

*2010 Brother International Corporation

what about home offices?

In today's economy it just makes sense that small and large businesses are now operating out of their homes. An organizational solution for home, home office and family is critical for success for the business AND family.

Is organization REALLY  necessary for a business to succeed?



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